Writer by trade, athlete by nature. Ariel was born and raised in California and owes her love of fitness and nutrition to her mother who valued both so heavily throughout her entire life.

Ariel has always been a sports junkie – from team sports like gymnastics, softball and volleyball, all the way up to the solitude of long distance running. After completing the 2015 LA Marathon, she was hit with a medical diagnosis that kept her from pursuing ultra distance running, and had to find something with lower impact, without sacrificing the high intensity work out she was searching for.

Enter indoor cycling. She found a high in the endurance of heavy climbs, and the freedom in speedy runs. And in the words of Elle Woods — “Endorphins make people happy, and happy people don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t!”

Ariel has spent 10 years in the TV-writing industry, but her heart & need for that low impact/HIIT work out found a home here at Dragonfly!

Just around the corner for Ariel: NASM Personal Training and Nutrition Coach Certifications andd Boot Camp instructor.