Jessica, owner of DFLY, began spinning in 2010 after a foot injury running the Nike Half Marathon in San Francisco. She needed a new low-impact cardio workout and decided to give cycling a try. After her 1st class, she bought shoes. After her 2nd class, she bought an unlimited package. After her 3rd class, she opened Dragonfly. Kidding! But it kind of feels that way!

The bike became her go to, her salvation, her sanctuary. The emotional attachment was so undeniable she quit a secure executive level position at a tech startup to pursue the studio of her dreams.

Dragonfly has become all that and more. The same love and passion Jess puts into the perfect shade of DFLY electric lime, she brings to every class she teaches. She is funny, personable, high-energy, and very real on the bike. If she needs to crack a joke, she does. If she needs to curse, she does that too. She wears her heart on her sleeve both on and off the bike, and everyone feels that even after their first interaction.

What to expect in Jess’ class:

Music – electro pop, dance, hip hop, throwbacks, remixes, covers, rock, country, folk! Basically everything, in a beautifully thought-out, cohesive way that shocks and challenges the mind and body each and every time.

Teaching Style – intervals, hills, sprints, jumps, isolations, and tabatas! Expect a fun, challenging, and varied ride!