Michelle has always loved fitness. Since her teenage years, she enjoyed going to the gym to lift weights or take classes in boxing, spinning, circuit training and more. She found fitness in all forms to be therapeutic. Whether it’s a spin class after a long day to exert everything she has or heading to the gym full of happiness, excited to push limits she hasn’t reached before, Michelle feels her best when exercising.

A few years ago, Michelle came across Dragonfly Cycling when she moved to Sherman Oaks. She noticed right away how different Dragonfly was. There was a sense of community, love and acceptance. That energy is what she fell in love with. She knew somehow, she wanted to be a part of that feeling. Timing hadn’t always been right but with a little push from her friend/owner Jessica Lewis, Michelle began her journey to become a DFLY team member.

Michelle is a Certified Personal Trainer. Her love for connecting to people and making them feel good, has always been something she strives to achieve.

Don’t be fooled be her smile; she’ll make you sweat.