Sara began her passion for fitness in power lifting, but really struggled to get those cardio days in. She despised it so much that she knew the only way she’d get it done was with an instructor, in a group setting. So she took a class, shockingly fell head over heels in love with cycling, and decided quickly thereafter that not only did she love to ride, but she also wanted to teach so she could make people feel what she felt as a rider.

Sara trained hard and eventually became the instructor she is today. The goal of her class is to get you closer to your physical goals, of course, but beyond that to help you create the energy you need to fuel your life goals outside of the sweat and burn of class. Because sure, burning calories is cool, but creating the energy you need to finally go for that dream job or play tag with your kids…well that’s where the magic is! All that energy we build in class is intended to give everything else in our lives that little extra spark!

Cycling taught Sara that by showing up for class, you’re already winning! And the ride itself, well that’s just your victory lap! So it’s time to show up! Let’s go Dragonfly!