Step up your fitness game in with Dragonfly’s 4-week Boot Camp Program!  Increase your stamina, build your endurance, gain strength, and shed extra pounds with small group training sessions 3 times per week for 4 weeks, every Mon/Wed/Fri at 6:30am.

Through more individualized attention, the use of a wider array of advanced and challenging equipment and exercises, individualized check-ins with your coach, and the camaraderie of your teammates, DFLY Boot Camp takes your fitness to the next level!



6 DFLY community members will make up one boot camp pod.  This pod will meet in the DFLY garage and parking lot at the designated time and days.  Training sessions are pre-scheduled and pre-paid and cannot be cancelled, holding each member fully accountable of attending.

Sessions will be less individualized than private training, but much more so than group classes.  If requested, your coach will provide individualized assessments of each team member before boot camp begins in order to tailor the workouts to each person’s goals.  Sessions will shock and shred the body in new and different ways by utilizing a combination of HIIT, tabata, cardio, resistance, and strength training with all the toys…squat rack, barbell, bumper plates, battle ropes, slam balls, TRX straps, and more!



The Boot Camp program (including personal assessment and twelve 60-minute sessions) costs $420. ($35/session).  If you want to spin as well, you can bundle with 8 or 12 sessions during the same period of time for a total of 15% off both boot camp and spin!  Members are allotted a space in the pod on a first come, first serve basis.  Sessions cannot be extended or transferred.  The only just cause for cancellation is illness.  Any other cancellation or no show results in a lost session.