Hot For Halloween

30 Day Shred Challenge

Have you fallen off the diet and exercise wagon & need help getting back on? Well, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help!
Join the DFLY 30 Day Shred Challenge this October and feel sexy as hell in time for Halloween!


Challenge Details:

  1. Amp up your workouts 5/week at Dragonfly, splitting them between spin and strength classes for a total of 20 classes in 31 days
  2. Eat clean all month long (must drastically reduce sugar, alcohol, processed foods, fatty foods, and late-night eating to see real results quickly).
  3. Get assigned a team and a coach to stay on top of you and keep you motivated.
  4. Take before and after photos and weights (optional) if you want to see the change


  1. One month of unlimited $299 at 10% off.  That’s $270 for 20 classes or $13.50/class (or more if you take more!). THIS PACKAGE NEVER GOES ON SALE!
  2. We will pause all current packages (including unlimited) so we all start and stop the challenge together


  1. Must complete 20 classes in October and prove to coach legit focus on diet to receive custom t-shirt at the end of the challenge.
  2. The person who completes the most classes (above the 20 classes) wins an additional $25 swag credit!


Click here to buy your special challenge package and reserve your spot!